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Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on the realization that we operate in two distinct but inseparable markets: one in which we operate as a provider of first quality medical personnel to hospitals, the other in which we represent ourselves as a caring and responsible employer to the best and the most experienced Autotransfusionist, anesthesia technologist and peri-op technicians (employee) available.

Client/Employee Needs

In order to succeed in these markets, we have developed a service delivery system which is responsible for both client and employee needs.  The process begins with an in-depth and open-ended interview when establishing a relationship with either a client or employee.  Client needs are ascertained in as much detail as possible, along with basic and general requirements to make the working relationship as flexible as possible, while protecting both parties to the greatest extent possible.  Employee needs are likewise determined up front in order to allow them to select preferred work hours, days and facilities within the context of predetermined "on call" availability, and an agreed minimum number of hours to be worked per week or per month.

Employee Qualifications

Prior to being assigned to any clients, references, mandated requirements, and accreditation are check.  In order to maintain proficiency, all of our employees are required to complete such continuing education as is required by the jurisdiction in which they are licensed or certified.  Additional training as may be recommended by client facilities may also be required.

Service Delivery

Service delivery begins with the work order being placed, usually by telephone, to the staffing office.  Orders are placed by any of a number of variables: name; if a specific employees is desired, shift(s) needed; category of employees; employees specialty(ies); experience level; etc.  The information is then immediately entered into a scheduling maintenance chart while the client is on the line and a list of employees satisfying the clients criteria is selected.  The client knows immediately in most cases which employees are available to fill their needs.  Our offices are staffed 24 hours per day in order to provide temporary staffing services as clients need arise and to maintain person to person contact with the facility.  Unless if other criteria takes preference per clients instructions, qualified employees who reside in the general vicinity of the client facility are selected for reasons of efficiency.  As the relationship with new client matures, it is likely that a special relationship will develop between a core group of employees and the client.  In this event, both client and employees files are updated to assure that the client is consistently assigned the same employee.

About Us/Healthcare Network

Healthcare Network has over 60 years of combined anesthesia support and intra-operative blood salvage (autotransfusion) experience.  We are uniquely qualified to handle all autotransfusion needs, including:

·  Cell Saving
·  Plasma Pheresis
·  Platelet Pheresis
·  Fibrin Gel Production