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About 12 million units of blood are transfused each year in the U.S.  Although many transfusions use homologous blood (where blood types are cross-matched between donors and recipients) the risks of homologous transfusion can be economically and physically costly.  That is why autologous blood (where a patient donates his/her own blood) is an increasingly common transfusion alternative.  And you will find no one more familiar with autologous blood procedures than Healthcare Network.
  • Certified Autotransfusion specialists
  • Anesthesia Technologists
  • Anesthesia Technicians

Our standby service can reduce unanticipated transfusion difficulties and in turn the overall cost of surgery.  Whenever there is a possibility of blood loss, autotransfusion is recommended.  In addition, we will provide all the autotransfusion equipment and supplies needed for cost-effective blood management program.

  • Reduce net intra-operative blood loss
  • Eliminate the possibility of donor complications
  • Protect against diminished blood bank supplies
  • Insure rapid availability of compatible blood
  • Comply with most religious restrictions