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Over the past few months we had researched the need and had the opportunity of listening to medical care providers some of whom have utilized a sub-contract pool service.  These industry leaders have asked many thoughtful questions about our operations and service delivery system.  The following questions are those which have been most often asked.  We have included with them our responses in order to help clarify what services we offer and how we operate.  These responses are meant to convey general operating parameters and are not necessarily specific to any of our locations.

Q:  How do we schedule our employees?

A:  Our scheduling system is part of an overall management information system.  The scheduling system is based on our practice of matching the needs and preferences of our employee with the needs of the client facilities.  Employees are asked to state their shift, facility, and day preferences, as well as when and where they do wish to work.  Likewise, clients are asked to identify, at any time, the employees which they prefer to have scheduled.  These and other data, including proximity of employee to client facilities and recent work history, are used to determine which employee out of the available pool should be assigned to which facility.  Our employees who are available are required to be "on call".  They must call in daily or weekly to verify their availability.  This assures that in most instances requested shifts can be confirmed immediately.  We can provide employees for short shifts, 8, 12, or 16 hour shifts, weekend and holiday shifts.

Q:  Are staffing coordinators and employees available 24 hours per day to assist with staffing?

A:  Our staffing coordinators and employees are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Our staffing coordinators are knowledgeable and experienced in staffing procedures.  This allows your facility to speak directly with a knowledgeable person 24 hours a day.

Q:  How quickly can we confirm placement after a request is placed?

A:  Most placements can be confirmed as the request is being made, or all can be confirmed within 15 minutes or less.

Q:  What are the policies governing weekend, holiday and shifts?

A:  Policies and employee standards do not vary according to shift, weekend, or holiday.  Pay and billing rates includes shifts and weekend differentials.  Pay and billing rates for the following holidays are charged at 1.5 times the regular rate if it is applicable:

Holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day, Martin Luther King Day and other holidays as may be observed by client facilities.

Q:  What is the policy governing overtime?

A:  "Working Time" as defined by FLSA, includes all the time during which an employee is required to be on duty on the employer's premises or at a prescribed work place, in excess of 40 hours per week is considered overtime.  Employee is paid 1.5 times the regular pay rate and facility is billed at 1.5 times the regular billing rate.  Employee overtime must be pre-approved by both client and agency staffing representative.

Q:  How can facilities determine the skill level and qualification for the position prior to utilization?  Are references provided?

A:  Our employees are screened prior to placement.  References and credentials are checked and a proficiency test is administered.  Skills are carefully surveyed, assessed and verified.  Clients needs can best be served by providing our service organization with equally thorough needs assessments and careful descriptions of the skills needed for each requested positions.  In the instance of special assignments, such as block scheduling or long-term placements, interviews and references can be accommodated.

Q:  What are the criteria used in determining which applicants for employment are suitable?

A:  The following criteria are used in determining suitability:

  • Minimum competency test scores of 80%
  • Verifiable references for experience in hospitals
  • Specialty certification and verifiable references for experience in specialty units during the past year
  • Positive supervisor and peer references
  • Excellent client or employee referral

Q:  How are the credentials of employees examined?

A:  As a part of our pre-employment screening, employees are required to submit the originals of their licenses, CV and certificates if applicable.  Photocopies are made for inclusion in the employee files and the credentials are verified by telephone through the appropriate licensing or certification agency.  Information regarding licensing/certification, cpr, aids training, TB tests, Hep B, Criminal Background Investigation and employment eligibility (I-9) are checked, reviewed and updated.

Q:  Are employees required to attend orientation and/or in-service training?

A:  Employees are required to participate in approved orientation or in-service training as required by client facilities in order to assure competency and familiarize employee with client protocol.

Q:  Are employees required to attend continuing education programs?

A:  Employees are encourage to participate in approved continuing training programs in order to keep their skills current and to enhance their careers.

Q:  Is satisfactory completion of training programs a prerequisite for salary increases/bonuses?

A:  Satisfactory completion of training programs is but one of the factors affecting eligibility for salary increases and/or bonuses.  Other factors include job performance as reported by client facilities and determined by the quality assurance manager in the annual performance evaluation.

Q:  What liability and malpractice insurance coverage do we carry?

A:  We maintain a fidelity bond insurance as well as general and professional liability insurance in the amount of $1 million dollars per occurrence; $3 million dollars aggregate and State Industrial Insurance (Worker's Compensation) for all employees.

Q:  Are employees required to have TB screening and inoculations?

A:  All of our employees are required to have PPD tests or chest x-rays and Hepatitis B vaccinations and other such public health requirements as required by Federal and State law.

Q:  What employee records do we maintain?

A:  We maintain confidential employee records beginning with those items included in the "New Employee Orientation Checklist".  Additionally, ongoing performance records are maintained which include information regarding the number of shifts and hours worked, facilities worked in, attendance record, performance evaluations and other such data.

Q:  How often are employee records updated?

A:  Employee files are reviewed regularly and updated & evaluated annually.

Q:  In the event that a facility determines that an employee does not match its needs, what procedure will be followed in obtaining a substitute?

A:  A staffing coordinator will find a replacement immediately upon learning the need for a substitute.  The facility will be billed only for the actual number of hours worked by the replacement employee.

Q:  What is the time limit and circumstances for which employees can be called off without a charge?

A:  A facility may cancel a scheduled without incurring liability provided that notice is received two hours prior to the start of the scheduled shift.

Q:  Under what circumstances can client hire employees?

A:  The employment agreement between our agency and its employees require that the employee will not accept employment with clients to which they have been assigned without the express written consent of the company.

Q:  Do we consider early payment incentives in pricing of services?

A:  We provide a 2% discount on invoices paid within 10 days of invoice date.